I’m not saying that I have everything about beating the post-vacation blues figured out, but I do like coming back and getting back into my routine. I love my home, my space and creating a schedule that fits me best as I believe that it does help us achieve goals and keep ourselves sane, especially if you’re a parent. So here are some of the things that I look forward to when I come home from a vacation and that help me get back on track.

  1. Give yourself time to re-settle

When you return from a trip, you are probably going to feel tired just from travelling. So I like to come home at least two days before the workweek starts so I can have some quiet time, followed by a light week. I don’t make big plans or commitments the following week as I take that time to catch up on work, housework and just life in general.



2. Unpack,  clean, refresh your home

The very first thing I do when I come home, is open all windows and let some fresh air in. Then I like to start doing laundry, unpack, dust the furniture and vacuum the floors. It feels very therapeutic to me and it gives me a feeling of a fresh start. Of course, laundry is not going to be done in one day, but unpacking and putting everything in place is going to make you feel so much better than seeing your luggage lying on the floor for days or even weeks. What I also like to do is getting some fresh flowers, filling up the fridge with fruit and vegetables and cooking a nice dinner, as I always miss cooking when we travel.



3. The post-holiday inbox

I would lie if I told you I wasn’t checking my emails on vacation or doing some work, because truth be told, who can afford to go completely offline nowadays? Especially if you own a business. As much as I always keep my inbox under control, I do like to make a list of priorities when I come home from a vacation, which means doing the hard and urgent things first. Also, I do give myself one week to put things in order before everything runs smoothly again.



4. Healthy habits

No matter if you had or didn’t have the healthiest vacation, I think that the period of getting back into routine is the perfect time to form new habits. For me, number one would be food shopping, as I said earlier. I like to stock up on fresh, healthy ingredients and getting back into my fitness routine, which is running at the moment. The first week or two I am not usually hard on myself because I give my body time to adjust to the change.

IMG_3496b copy


5. Do fun stuff

Decide on something you would look forward to, and make plans for it before you get home. Seeing a friend, having a manicure, framing your favourite photos or booking a table for a delicious brunch, like this one that I had in Hotel Evropa in Celje (thanks for having me!). Make sure to have some fun things to welcome you home.


What are your tips for beating the post-vacation blues?



Photos: Bernarda Plavsic (you can reach Bernarda via Facebook or Instagram).

Location: Hotel Evropa Celje



“One night when you were just a star, someone hung every hope, every wish, every dream, they ever had from your limbs, so if you ever feel inferior, ever start to doubt your beauty or brilliance just remember: you have constellations lining the cathedral walls of your chest, a moon for a heart and the sunlight pouring through your skin, you are a symphony of stardust and you were born to shine.”


Lately my thoughts have been all over the place, too scattered, too undefinable, too untranslatable into words to write anything that was worth reading. It happens when I’m stressed and overworked over a longer period of time, so I neglect my soul and ignore my inner voice. For that reason,  I started this post, which is going to be unusually short, with a quote that my friend Sharon dedicated to her daughter Eve today.

Also, I am extremely proud and happy to announce my collaboration with one more amazing photographer: Bernarda Plavšić. Bernarda is incredibly funny, chic, hard-working and talented, a wife, a mom of two, a great friend. She’s one of those women whose energy captivates you so it’s no wonder I have been secretly hoping to work with her since we’ve met. Last week Bernarda and I had half an hour, a bunch of roses and an empty street. It was our first photoshoot and I cannot find words to tell you how much I enjoyed it. What do you think? 🙂

You can reach Bernarda on FacebookInstagram or via e-mail: info@bfm-design.com.

Linen shirt: Massimo Dutti Jeans: Zara Sandals: Zara Bag: Gucci Bracelet: Cartier









I’ve read that most people spend their weekends watching TV, shopping, worrying about not having money and dreading the week ahead. I’m not surprised, because not so long ago, I was one of those people. At one point in my life I was doing three jobs, I had no days off, I was really depressed, living in a vicious circle, ruining my health, my relationships and not enjoying my life at all. That’s how I learned (the hard way) the importance of taking at least one day off and dedicating it to yourself, your mental and physical health, your family, friends and generally people and things you love. So I decided to write weekend posts on how you can spend your weekend. Most ideas will be totally free or inexpensive, but powerful and life changing. They changed mine. Really, guys, it’s the little things in life. I hope you get inspired. ❤

This weekend you should really…

  • Wake up before everybody else, make a yummy breakfast, set the table (napkins, flowers, nice plates and cups) and enjoy the happy faces of your loved ones while you’re enjoying delicious food. I promise you, it’s my favourite thing in the world. Plus, you will be the hero of the day and I guarantee, when you start your morning like this, you will set the tone for the rest of the day and it’s going to be the best ever.  Click here for a breakfast idea.
  • Hit the road. Seriously. Pack up some food, a camera, a blanket and a ball and go somewhere you’ve never been before. A near-by village, a forest, a park, a beach… Leave all your worries and your watch at home and just be, breathe, lie on the grass, walk barefoot, laugh and take a lot of pictures. Try to capture the most random moments, genuine smiles and happy faces.
  • Think of somebody you haven’t heard from in a while, somebody that you miss. Maybe somebody you had a fight with. Be the bigger person and forget the disagreement. Call them or send them a message to let them know you are thinking about them. But even if you don’t get the reaction you expected, be fine with it and feel good about yourself, because the first step is the hardest and it takes a lot of courage to make it.

Happy weekend!



Pročitala sam negdje da većina ljudi vikende provodi gledajući televiziju, kupujući stvari koje im ne trebaju, brinuci se zbog novca i uzasavajuci se tjedna koji slijedi. Ne cudim se, jer nekoć sam i ja bila jedna od tih ljudi. Zapravo, bila sam i gora, jer sam vikende provodila radeci. U jednom sam periodu radila tri posla, sto znači da nisam niti jedan dan bila slobodna, bila sam u teskoj depresiji, zivjela u začaranom krugu, unistavala svoje zdravlje, odnose s ljudima oko sebe i uopće nisam uzivala u zivotu. Ne tezi sam način naucila koliko je vazno barem jedan dan u tjednu uzeti predah od svega, posvetiti se sebi, svojem mentalnom i fizičkom zdravlju, obitelji i prijateljima. To me potaknulo da započnem seriju vikend-postova u kojima ću vam davati ideje kako kvalitetno provesti slobodno vrijeme. Nece vam biti potrebno nista osim malo volje i vremena, a nekad je i jedno popodne dovoljno da vam cijeli tjedan bude bolji. Ja sam vam dokaz da takve sitnice mijenjaju zivot.

Ovaj biste vikend mogli…

  • Probuditi se pola sata prije ostalih ukućana, pripremiti fini doručak, postaviti stol malo ljepse nego obicno (ubrusi, cvijece, fini tanjuri i salice) i uzivati u odusevljenju koje će nastati kad se svi probude i vide sto ih čeka. Meni je to najvece zadovoljstvo. Obecavam da ćete biti junak dana i da će vam zahvajujući divnom jutru, cijeli dan biti ljepsi. Po jutru se dan poznaje, zar ne? Ako trebate zgodan recept za dorucak, kliknite ovdje.
  •  Spakirati sendviče, uzeti fotoaparat, deku i loptu i uputiti se nekamo gdje dugo niste bili. Obliznje selo, suma, park, plaza… Sve brige i sat ostavite kod kuće i jednostavno bivajte, disite, lezite na travi, hodajte bosi, smijte se i puno fotografirajte. Pokusajte uhvatiti spontane trenutke, iskrene osmjehe i sretna lica i neka vas te fotografije cijeli tjedan griju – do sljedećeg vikenda.
  • Sjetite se nekoga koga dugo niste čuli, nekoga tko vam nedostaje. Mozda nekoga s kime ste se posvadili. Budite zreliji i pametniji i prijedjite preko svega. Nazovite tu osobu ili joj posaljite poruku i dajte joj do znanja da vam je zao i da mislite na nju. No ako i ne dobijete reakciju kakvu ste očekivali, prihvatite to i odajte si priznanje, jer prvi je korak najtezi i iziskuje puno hrabrosti.

Uzivajte u vikendu!