I’m not saying that I have everything about beating the post-vacation blues figured out, but I do like coming back and getting back into my routine. I love my home, my space and creating a schedule that fits me best as I believe that it does help us achieve goals and keep ourselves sane, especially if you’re a parent. So here are some of the things that I look forward to when I come home from a vacation and that help me get back on track.

  1. Give yourself time to re-settle

When you return from a trip, you are probably going to feel tired just from travelling. So I like to come home at least two days before the workweek starts so I can have some quiet time, followed by a light week. I don’t make big plans or commitments the following week as I take that time to catch up on work, housework and just life in general.



2. Unpack,  clean, refresh your home

The very first thing I do when I come home, is open all windows and let some fresh air in. Then I like to start doing laundry, unpack, dust the furniture and vacuum the floors. It feels very therapeutic to me and it gives me a feeling of a fresh start. Of course, laundry is not going to be done in one day, but unpacking and putting everything in place is going to make you feel so much better than seeing your luggage lying on the floor for days or even weeks. What I also like to do is getting some fresh flowers, filling up the fridge with fruit and vegetables and cooking a nice dinner, as I always miss cooking when we travel.



3. The post-holiday inbox

I would lie if I told you I wasn’t checking my emails on vacation or doing some work, because truth be told, who can afford to go completely offline nowadays? Especially if you own a business. As much as I always keep my inbox under control, I do like to make a list of priorities when I come home from a vacation, which means doing the hard and urgent things first. Also, I do give myself one week to put things in order before everything runs smoothly again.



4. Healthy habits

No matter if you had or didn’t have the healthiest vacation, I think that the period of getting back into routine is the perfect time to form new habits. For me, number one would be food shopping, as I said earlier. I like to stock up on fresh, healthy ingredients and getting back into my fitness routine, which is running at the moment. The first week or two I am not usually hard on myself because I give my body time to adjust to the change.

IMG_3496b copy


5. Do fun stuff

Decide on something you would look forward to, and make plans for it before you get home. Seeing a friend, having a manicure, framing your favourite photos or booking a table for a delicious brunch, like this one that I had in Hotel Evropa in Celje (thanks for having me!). Make sure to have some fun things to welcome you home.


What are your tips for beating the post-vacation blues?



Photos: Bernarda Plavsic (you can reach Bernarda via Facebook or Instagram).

Location: Hotel Evropa Celje



Jos od ucenickih dana rujan je za mene bio mjesec novih pocetaka. Tako je i danas, najvise iz razloga sto sportska sezona pocinje upravo u rujnu, a zavrsava u lipnju, pa je nekako cijeli nas zivot tempiran izmedju ta dva mjeseca, prije toliko iscekivanog i zeljenog ljetnog predaha na kraju godine. Ovaj je rujan donio mnogo vise promjena i pocetaka nego svi dosadasnji. S obzirom da doista vjerujem da se carolija nalazi izvan zone komfora, proteklog sam mjeseca hrabro iskoracila iz svih mogucih zona i sve mi se nekako cini da nakon svega dolazi vrijeme za caroliju. O tome vise rijeci uskoro. Krenimo ispocetka. 🙂

Zivot s profesionalnim sportasem i selidbe idu ruku pod ruku. Sto prije to prihvatis, bolje je i lakse, pa cijeli taj proces pocnes dozivljavati kao svojevrsnu katarzu, neki divan izazov i novi pocetak. Nakon Njemacke i Francuske, put nas je nanio u divan gradic, treci po velicini u Sloveniji – Celje. Iako sam kratko vrijeme vec boravila ovdje, mislim da ga tek sad pocinjem upoznavati i shvacati koliko drazi u njemu ima i koliko sadrzaja nudi.

U strogom centru grada, u pjesackoj zoni, u zgradi staroj vise od 150 godina, nasli smo svoj kutak svemira kojeg sada nazivamo domom. Zamislite duple prozore, debele, neravne zidove, visoke stropove, lukove i stupove. Hodnike koji odjekuju i vracaju vas u neko davno, otmjenije doba. S obzirom da je cijela zgrada potpuno obnovljena, zaljubili smo se u nju na prvi pogled pa o kupnji nismo previse razmisljati.

Nakon sto smo dvije godine bile doslovno nerazdvojne, jer kad zivis u inozemstvu, baka-servis za tebe je potpuna nepoznanica, Kiara je krenula u vrtic. I priznajem, teze sam to podnijela od nje. Bilo je ponesto suza i tuznih rastanaka, ali bolje se snasla nego sto sam ocekivala. Ja, s druge strane, tesko prihvacam cinjenicu da prvi put otkad se rodila ne znam sto je radila taj dan, koliko se puta nasmijala, kojom se igrackom igrala i je li izgovorila koju novu rijec. Svako jutro dok se vozim iz vrtica, preispitujem ispravnost svoje odluke i razmisljam o zivotu na selu, homeschoolingu i mnogobrojnoj djecici koja mi se motaju oko nogu, a s druge strane produktivnija sam, brze i lakse obavljam nagomilane obaveze i znam da je ovo doista najbolje i najzdravije za cijelu obitelj.

A sto ima nova kod vas?


Ever since I was a student, September has been a month of new beginnings for me. Not January, like for most people, but September. I still feel that way, mostly because sports season begins in September and ends in June, so in between these months our lives are really intense, before we have a month or two to relax and set goals for the new year. I honestly believe that magic happens when we step out of our comfort zones. Last month I boldly stepped out of every zone I know so now I’m kind of starting to feel some of that magic dust being thrown at me. Yay! But let’s start from the beginning. 🙂

We moved. Again. Life with a professional athlete and moving in and out all the time go hand in hand. The sooner you accept that as a part of the process, the better for you. Now I see this whole thing as a kind of a catharsis and a wonderful challenge. After Germany and France, life brought us to Celje. Although it’s not our first time here, I think only now I’m starting to familiarize with it and see how interesting and beautiful it is and all sorts of things it has to offer.

In the heart of the city, in the pedestrian zone, in a 150-year-old building, we’ve found a small piece of universe which we can now call home. Double windows, thick walls, high ceilings, arches, columns and echoing hallways will throw you back in distant, somewhat classier times. The whole place has just been refurbished, which means that everything,  from top to bottom, is brand new. As I said, the location is amazing so the decision to buy it was a no-brainer.

For two years we were literally inseparable. When you live abroad, there are no grandparents who can look after your kids when you have somewhere to go to or you just want to take a break. We were together 24/7 and everywhere I went, I took her with me. Three weeks ago, Kiara started nursery and I admit, I took it harder than her. There were tears, yes, but she adapted much better than expected. I, however, miss her during the day and find it hard not to know what she is doing every moment of the day, how many times she smiled, what’s her favourite activity that day and whether she pronounced a new word. Every morning, after I leave her, soul-searching begins and I seriously think about life on a farm, a bunch of kids around the table, homeschooling and stuff. On the other hand, I feel more productive and see how this decision was good for the whole family.

And what’s going on with you?