“One night when you were just a star, someone hung every hope, every wish, every dream, they ever had from your limbs, so if you ever feel inferior, ever start to doubt your beauty or brilliance just remember: you have constellations lining the cathedral walls of your chest, a moon for a heart and the sunlight pouring through your skin, you are a symphony of stardust and you were born to shine.”


Lately my thoughts have been all over the place, too scattered, too undefinable, too untranslatable into words to write anything that was worth reading. It happens when I’m stressed and overworked over a longer period of time, so I neglect my soul and ignore my inner voice. For that reason,  I started this post, which is going to be unusually short, with a quote that my friend Sharon dedicated to her daughter Eve today.

Also, I am extremely proud and happy to announce my collaboration with one more amazing photographer: Bernarda Plavšić. Bernarda is incredibly funny, chic, hard-working and talented, a wife, a mom of two, a great friend. She’s one of those women whose energy captivates you so it’s no wonder I have been secretly hoping to work with her since we’ve met. Last week Bernarda and I had half an hour, a bunch of roses and an empty street. It was our first photoshoot and I cannot find words to tell you how much I enjoyed it. What do you think? 🙂

You can reach Bernarda on FacebookInstagram or via e-mail: info@bfm-design.com.

Linen shirt: Massimo Dutti Jeans: Zara Sandals: Zara Bag: Gucci Bracelet: Cartier










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