It seems like the world goes crazy every time Elodie Details launches a new collection and this time was no different.

Dress: Sandals: Asos Earrings: H&M Kiara’s jumpsuit: Baby Zara Sandals: Baby Zara Backpack:, (Elodie Details)

“Escape the Ordinary” is the name of the Fall 2017 collection which encourages us to explore new places, seek adventure and leave familiarity behind. Four new beautiful colors and patterns lead us to misty mountain tops, where the air is quiet and adventure lies ahead, to wilderness where nothing is predictable, giving us the feeling of warmth and coziness with soft and luxury materials like velvet, wool and leather. The wild Dots of Fauna, the chic Petite Botanic, the warm Plum Love or the cool Mineral Green? The choice is yours. What I love most about Elodie Details, is that the patterns are so stylish and beautiful and very easy to combine.

Since the new school year is just around the corner, I decided to celebrate it by getting a new backpack for Kiara and as soon as I saw this one, I looked no further. It’s from the new Elodie Details collection, of course, in Dots of Fauna. Not only is it beautiful and stylish, it is the perfect size: small enough for your little one to carry it and big enough to hold all the necessities that they might need during the day. It includes a seat cushion, which is such a perfect solution for trips or picnics, a thermo pocket for the bottle, a magnetic lock that keeps the straps on the shoulders (you know how they slide off sometimes) and luxurious leather details.

What’s in Kiara’s mini backpack?

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Toys, of course, a water bottle (this one is from Skip Hop and you can get it here), snacks (this box is by Done by Deer, you can get it here), spare clothes, tissues and a hair band. When we put all of these things in it, the backpack is not nearly full and it would fit more clothes, diapers and wet tissues if needed.

Check all the collection at (Slovenia) or (Croatia), but they ship all over Europe.



Izgleda da cijeli svijet poludi svaki put kad Elodie Details predstavi novu kolekciju, pa ni posljednjih dana nije ništa drukčije.

“Escape the Ordinary” naziv je nove kolekcije Elodie Detailsa za jesen i zimu 2017./18. koja budi u nama avanturistički duh, potiče na istraživanje novih mjesta i bijeg od poznatog. Četiri nova predivna uzorka i boje vode nas do mističnih vrhova planina, gdje je svijet tiši i odakle puca pogled prema pustolovini i nepredvidivih divljina, pružajući nam osjećaj sigurnosti, topline i udobnosti neodoljivo mekanim i luksuznim materijalima poput baršuna, vune i kože. Divlji Dots of Fauna, chic Petite Botanic, topli Plum Love ili hladni Mineral Green? Izbor je na vama. Osobno, kod Elodie Detailsa najviše mi se sviđa to što uzorci nisu “bebasti”, nego vrlo chic i stylish, te što se sjajno jedan s drugim kombiniraju.

Kako za koji dan počinje nova vrtićka godina, odlučila sam to proslaviti kupovinom novog ruksaka. U Dots of Fauna uzorak zaljubila sam se na prvi pogled. Dio je, dakako, nove kolekcije Elodie Detailsa te osim što je ruksak predivan, savršene je veličine: dovoljno malen da ga i najmlađi mogu nositi, te dovoljno velik da u njega stanu sve važne stvari koje klincima mogu zatrebati tijekom dana. Unutra se nalazi mekani podložak za sjedenje, što je genijalno rješenje za izlete ili duži boravak na otvorenom, termo pretinac za bocu, remenčić s magnetićem koji spaja naramenice kako ne bi klizile s ramena te detalje od prave kože.

Što se nalazi u Kiarinom ruksaku?

Igračke, naravno, boca (ova je od Skip Hopa i možete je kupiti ovdje), grickalice (ova kutijica je od Done by Deera i možete je kupiti ovdje), rezervna odjeća, papirnate maramice i gumica za kosu. Kad sve to stavim u ruksak, on nije ni napola pun, tako da će vam komotno stati još stvari poput dodatne odjeće, pelena ili vlažnih maramica.

Cjelokupnu Elodie Details kolekciju pogledajte na (šalju po cijeloj Europi).






I totally made up the name of this dessert, but I must say it does taste heavenly. It is very easy to make and I probably make it too often – that’s how much we like it. This time I used blueberries, but you can use any other fruit of your choice. Strawberries, raspberries or mangoes would be perfect.


Ingredients for 4 cups:

-200 g white chocolate

-250 g mascarpone cheese

-1 packet vanilla sugar

-300 ml whipping cream

-fruit of your choice


Melt white chocolate over a bain-marie and let it cool. In the meantime, mix mascarpone cheese with vanilla sugar, then add heavy cream and mix on the highest speed until it gets thick. In the end, add the white chocolate and mix again. Put the mixture in the fridge for an hour so it gets really nice and cold. Serve in a glass with fruit. Easy, right? 🙂





Photos: Bernarda Plavsic (InstagramFacebook)







I’m not saying that I have everything about beating the post-vacation blues figured out, but I do like coming back and getting back into my routine. I love my home, my space and creating a schedule that fits me best as I believe that it does help us achieve goals and keep ourselves sane, especially if you’re a parent. So here are some of the things that I look forward to when I come home from a vacation and that help me get back on track.

  1. Give yourself time to re-settle

When you return from a trip, you are probably going to feel tired just from travelling. So I like to come home at least two days before the workweek starts so I can have some quiet time, followed by a light week. I don’t make big plans or commitments the following week as I take that time to catch up on work, housework and just life in general.



2. Unpack,  clean, refresh your home

The very first thing I do when I come home, is open all windows and let some fresh air in. Then I like to start doing laundry, unpack, dust the furniture and vacuum the floors. It feels very therapeutic to me and it gives me a feeling of a fresh start. Of course, laundry is not going to be done in one day, but unpacking and putting everything in place is going to make you feel so much better than seeing your luggage lying on the floor for days or even weeks. What I also like to do is getting some fresh flowers, filling up the fridge with fruit and vegetables and cooking a nice dinner, as I always miss cooking when we travel.



3. The post-holiday inbox

I would lie if I told you I wasn’t checking my emails on vacation or doing some work, because truth be told, who can afford to go completely offline nowadays? Especially if you own a business. As much as I always keep my inbox under control, I do like to make a list of priorities when I come home from a vacation, which means doing the hard and urgent things first. Also, I do give myself one week to put things in order before everything runs smoothly again.



4. Healthy habits

No matter if you had or didn’t have the healthiest vacation, I think that the period of getting back into routine is the perfect time to form new habits. For me, number one would be food shopping, as I said earlier. I like to stock up on fresh, healthy ingredients and getting back into my fitness routine, which is running at the moment. The first week or two I am not usually hard on myself because I give my body time to adjust to the change.

IMG_3496b copy


5. Do fun stuff

Decide on something you would look forward to, and make plans for it before you get home. Seeing a friend, having a manicure, framing your favourite photos or booking a table for a delicious brunch, like this one that I had in Hotel Evropa in Celje (thanks for having me!). Make sure to have some fun things to welcome you home.


What are your tips for beating the post-vacation blues?



Photos: Bernarda Plavsic (you can reach Bernarda via Facebook or Instagram).

Location: Hotel Evropa Celje