There is a beautiful community of bloggers who participate in #weekendcoffeeshare, which means that every weekend they publish posts about what they would say to their readers if they were sitting down and having coffee. A lot of bloggers reflect on their week, while some of them share their random thoughts, worries, emotional burdens, … Continue reading #WEEKENDCOFFEESHARE



When I was 18, I got depressed and for more than 10 years I never really got better. For more than 10 years almost every day was a battle with myself. In the morning, I would wake up and lay in bed fearing the day. During the day, I would walk around carrying the weight … Continue reading WHEN YOU’RE FEELING LIKE A TREE


I love reading other bloggers’ lists of favourites, because a) I’m nosy, b) they give really reliable reviews and c) they are great gift ideas. So with Christmas being just around the corner, I decided to share a list of the things that I’m currently loving and enjoying, in case you really don’t know what to … Continue reading MY CURRENT FAVOURITES